Barbara Mott, R.A. Lafferty, 1988. Photo by Dave Clark.

For additional information about R.A. Lafferty’s life and works, here are more links to explore… An exhaustive, dedicated fan-site created by Rich Persaud in October 2014, with author quotes, tributes, interviews, obituaries, and links to all things Lafferty.

ISFDB: Comprehensive bibliography.

Centipede Press: This independent press is publishing the complete collected short fiction by Lafferty, released annually in limited edition hardcovers.

East of Laughter: Facebook fan page where members share news, book reviews, quotes, and rare book sale finds.

Laffcon: The world’s first and only R.A. Lafferty conference, organized by the Northeast Lafferty League. Members circulate a recommended reading list before meeting to attend panels, readings, and host discussions.

Press about R.A. Lafferty

Guardian on Lafferty: Poised for a comeback (2014) Another Introduction to Lafferty (2017)

Washington Post: Michael Dirda Selects Three Magical Books (2016)

Reviews of R.A. Lafferty Books

Paul Di Filippo reviews R.A. Lafferty (2016)